Physiotherapy Internship in Nepal

Physiotherapy Internship in Nepal program for those practising or aspiring to practice physiotherapy/ medicine, this internship is an incredible opportunity, which will help you appreciate the challenges faced in developing countries around medical care. As a physiotherapy intern, you will shadow registered physiotherapists and may take part in physio sessions for adults and children, depending on prior experience and skills. The majority of work will be observation-based (unless already qualified), which allows a great opportunity to gain valuable firsthand knowledge, giving your resume that extra advantage!

In Nepal we can offer physiotherapy internship in Nepal placements to suit volunteers of all levels of experience, so whether you are an aspiring physiotherapist or a qualified professional we will be happy to provide you with placement and we will tailor your role based on your background.

1. Education and Rehabilitation Center for Children

Just outside of Kathmandu there is a centre where children with different types of disabilities get help with their education and rehabilitation. Here there are several other physical physiotherapies that can work with you and guide you. There is a schedule that allows each child to spend quality time in the physical therapy/physiotherapy room as often as possible. Each child has different needs: some are learning to walk, some suffer from muscular problems, while other children need to have their joints massaged regularly to maintain their physical health. Extra assistance from interns with these tasks will allow more children to use the room and get treatment on a regular basis.

2. Hospital

We can match you with an internship in a hospital where you can observe and work with the physiotherapy therapists

3. Home for Disabled Adults and Children

In this amazing and loving home, there are 70 patients and only one physical therapist. Help is needed and you will work alongside the physiotherapy/physical therapist, learning and helping at the same time.

Physiotherapy Internship in Nepal Highlights:

  • Shadow medical professionals and physiotherapists
  • Learn more about overseas healthcare systems and various practices the clinic use
  • Gain valuable fist hand experience or pass on skills and practices from back home
  • Get more hands-on, depending on experience, and help children and adults during their physio sessions

Key Information

Provide care and connection for disabled people
Various locations in Nepal
Homestay accommodation
Based in specialist day care centers, clinics and hospitals
Up to 4 - 5 hours volunteers a day
Fully hosted experience from 300 euro for 1 week
Base Camp treks and other tours available
Durations from 1 - 4 weeks

Read reviews of our optimistic volunteers.

"I arrived at Volunteer World Nepal Nepal full of anticipation. After two weeks of trekking, I learned a little about Nepali and was ready to start my volunteer placement. Nepali language classes began the following day, and it felt good to be able to put the language to use right away. At that time, the Tihar festival was just beginning, and the volunteers were welcomed..."

Jennifer Pasinosky, USA

Teaching English and Photography

Orientation begins on the morning of next day your arrival and covers everything you need to know for your volunteer program in Nepal – an introduction to Nepal, Nepalese customs, language training details, rules and expectations, safety, travel opportunities in Nepal, and an introduction to your project and placement. The orientation will also give you a chance to visit local temples, sample authentic Nepali food, meet other volunteers and swap contact details for weekend travel and socializing. The program may vary depending on your time of arrival. We will manage to include all below mentioned activities in you introduction program.
• Arrival and introduction host family
• Survival Nepali lessons and cultural discussion
• Local amenities and sightseeing and project start

On arrival in Nepal, volunteers stay in a host family in Kathmandu for their orientation.

Volunteers are then accommodated together in homestays and hosted by local families who have been approved by our program staff. We give your host family a fee for your support, food and board. It is exciting to stay with a host family, providing you with a unique opportunity to learn about the Nepalese way of life, meet local people, try traditional food and speak the local language – especially when host families in Nepal tend to have limited English.

Living is basic but comfortable and most homestays have electricity and running water, with the exception of some rural homestays which are without these conveniences during the dry season. Squat toilets are the norm in Nepal and you will not come across many western toilets. Volunteers can also expect low-pressure showers that are generally not heated; however, this is refreshing after a day in the heat.

You can expect to share a room with one to three other volunteers and bedrooms have single beds and bunk beds with bedding provided. It is recommended volunteers bring their own sleeping bags and mosquito nets for any trips away.

WiFi is available in most of the volunteer homestays. If you would like to keep connected during your stay, we recommend bringing an unlocked mobile phone and purchasing a local SIM card when you arrive in Nepal.

The staple meal for most Nepali families is dal bhat, which consists of lentil soup (dal), rice (bhat) and vegetables in curry (tarkari) and/or meat (masu) with a side of pickle/sauce (achar). Volunteers are served two meals per day at their homestay and can purchase additional food to supplement this if they wish.

Volunteers can have a meaningful impact on Nepalese communities by providing assistance with a wide range of activities that help make life, and the future, better for local people. Volunteer World Nepal has a number of volunteer projects in Nepal. Some are located on the outskirts of the capital city of Kathmandu in rural and urban areas, while others are in Pokhara and Salleri. Pokhara is located in mid-western Nepal and is a popular tourist destination, renowned for its amazing mountain views. Salleri is the Everest Mountain region: beautiful landscapes, hillsides dotted with villages, a lively weekend bazaar, a Tibetan camp, and many spectacular Buddhist monasteries. In Salleri you can teach in Schools, teach English in a monastery, work in a Health Clinic or work in Construction. Salleri is a small Himalayan Region town that serves as the headquarters of the Solukhumbu District.

Low cost, fully hosted volunteer abroad programs in Nepal.
Your registration fee and your program fee provides access to a fully hosted volunteer experience with Volunteer World Nepal. In order to apply to join Volunteer World Nepal you are required to make your registration fee payment of 100 Euro.

What's included:

  • accommodation
  • meals (breakfast & dinner)
  • Survival Nepali language lesson
  • email and telephone support
  • volunteer handbook
  • 24 hour emergency support
  • dedicated VWN project & travel mentor
  • regular program inspection
  • women’s development program
  • scholarships for low income students

What's Excluded:

  • flights to Kathmandu
  • visa cost
  • travel & health insurance
  • domestic flight costs
  • transportation costs for the volunteers who want to work outside the Kathmandu valley
  • sundries such as personal items, extra beverages and entertainment
  • personal travel & sightseeing
  • transportation service during weekends travel