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Join Nepal’s largest community of volunteers and travelers. We focus on providing the core requirements of a volunteer program: safety, structure and social experience.

Volunteer World Nepal - VWN provides a secure and well-organized placement for individuals seeking volunteer, internship, Nepali language, tour, trekking, and cultural immersion opportunities. We believe in complete transparency with our program fees, so you can know exactly how much of your money goes towards supporting the local community.

Most affordable and flexible

We believe that volunteering is for everyone. That’s why we offer low prices, fully-hosted experiences and flexible booking.

Ethical, responsible and sustainable

Our impact on volunteers, local teams, communities and the planet is regularly audited and held to the highest social and environmental standards.

Impact driven programs run by locals

Our volunteer, internship programs are run by local teams as they are best placed to understand the issues faced by their community.

Inclusive community of like-minded volunteers

VWN family is all about encouraging meaningful friendships, deepening cultural understanding and embracing diversity.

Local Food

Nepali foods are hot and spicy. During your stay in Nepal, you will have more time to taste local foods and culture with Nepali families.

Unrivalled support and safety

We provide wrap-around support, follow safety procedures and enforce additional measures to protect against diseases.

Volunteer's Choice

Volunteering and Internship Programs

Are you looking for a unique experience in one of the most diverse countries in Asia? Volunteering and internship in Nepal is an excellent choice. Stunning mountains, multicultural cuisine, and spirituality are just a few aspects that set this country apart. Volunteer in Nepal and give back to the community as you immerse yourself in a different world.

Teaching in Buddhist Monastery

Teaching in Buddhist monastery volunteering program gives participants a taste of life in .

Volunteer Teaching Nepal

Volunteer teaching Nepal provides an opportunity to teach in private schools, community schools, .

Medical Care Volunteer

Medical care volunteering programs are suitable for medical students or qualified healthcare professionals .

Special Needs Care Volunteer

Special needs care volunteer programs allow volunteers to contribute to specialist daycare centres .

Child Development Volunteer

Child development volunteer in Nepal is a rewarding journey filled with opportunities to .

Pre-Medical Internship in Nepal

The pre-medical internship in Nepal program provides students with three main opportunities: to .

Family Volunteering Program

Are you seeing to make lasting memories on a family volunteering program? Family .

Nursing Internship in Nepal

Volunteer World Nepal's nursing internship in Nepal program is the perfect opportunity for .

Physiotherapy Internship in Nepal

Volunteer World Nepal offers physiotherapy internship in Nepal placements for all levels of .

Volunteer's Review

Our Optimistic Volunteer

Our enthusiastic volunteers glorify Volunteer World Nepal for offering enriching, impactful experiences, fostering cultural exchange, and providing excellent support, making their contributions feel valued and truly transformative.

Zan Chowdhry


If you are looking to undertake a teaching in monastery volunteering project in Nepal, look no further than Volunteer World Nepal. I came to this.

Anna and George


It is George and Anna. We had the best medical elective in Nepal. We are two medical students from the UK studying at the University.

Jort van den Horst

The Netherlands

Teaching volunteer in monastery and cultural immersion is an incredible experience to understand the Buddhist culture. I decided to spend several weeks teaching at a.

Jennifer Pasinosky


I was excited to start my volunteer placement when I arrived in Nepal to get involved at Volunteer World Nepal. After two weeks of hiking,.

Arim Choi


I took a plane to Nepal, leaving behind friends and family, to spend the next several months getting to know my new family. Relocating to.

Maya Dandar


I would describe my medical internship with Volunteer World Nepal as one of the most fascinating, varied, daring, and life-changing experiences. I flew into Kathmandu,.



It had begun, one of the greatest events of my life. I will never forget how apprehensive we were when we first arrived at our.

A Lifetime Voluntourism Experience

Combine Volunteering with Tour or Trek

Are you looking for an unforgettable adventure that combines the joy of volunteering with the joy of exploring the spectacular landscapes of Nepal? Volunteer World Nepal cordially invites you to undertake a life-changing journey that will leave you with cherished memories and a profound understanding of satisfaction. Join us for a three or four-week volunteering and tour or trekking experience.

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Latest Updates and Inspirations

Our enthusiastic volunteers glorify Volunteer World Nepal for offering enriching, impactful experiences, fostering cultural exchange, and providing excellent support, making their contributions feel valued and truly transformative.

tihar the festival of lights and colours

Tihar the festival of lights and colours also known as Deepawali and Yamapanchak, is the .

tihar festival in nepal tihar a festival of lights nepali host families

The Tihar festival in Nepal is one of the most important Hindu festivals, celebrated over .

teaching volunteering in monastery teaching volunteer in the monastery

The teaching volunteer in the monastery is a unique program of Volunteer World Nepal. The .