Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteer in Nepal – are you seeing for a meaningful volunteering experience in Nepal? Do you want to share your passion and make the world a better place while receiving an unforgettable experience in cultural immersion? Have you thought about joining the volunteering in the Nepal program that will allow you to grow personally while adventuring through mountainous landscapes and learning about Nepal’s serene and peaceful culture?

Joining a volunteer program in Nepal is an amazing opportunity because you will gain so much more than just volunteer experience. Home to the mighty Himalayan mountains, Nepal offers an amazing array of diverse cultural traditions, geographic wonders, and seemingly endless ancient temples and monasteries. When you volunteer here, you will be welcomed into strongly bonded communities to impart an extremely authentic and unique experience that most tourists never get the opportunity to experience.

The majority of Nepal’s population lives in poverty. Because of natural disasters, mountainous terrain, and the remote location of many villages, resources in Nepal aren’t as readily available. There is also a certain amount of government corruption that keeps Nepali people trapped in their poverty. A lot of help is needed from volunteers like you as these well-deserving and underprivileged populations of people work toward a brighter future.

If you are looking for life-changing volunteer opportunities to help people who are really in need through sharing your passion, consider volunteering with Volunteer World Nepal. We offer various amazing projects that will allow you to explore and experience beautiful Nepal and its humble mountain population while making the world a better place. Contact us today to learn more about the opportunities awaiting you in Nepal or take the first steps of enrolling in your volunteer program today. Keep reading for more information.

Key Information

Improve infrastructure for the community
Various locations in Nepal
Homestay accommodation
Based in schools across Nepal
Up to 4 - 5 hours volunteers a day
Fully hosted experience from 300 for 1 week
Base Camp treks and other tours available
Durations from 1 - 4 weeks

Teaching in Buddhist Monastery

Teaching in Buddhist monastery volunteering program gives participants a taste of life in a Buddhist .

Volunteer Teaching Nepal

Volunteer teaching Nepal provides an opportunity to teach in private schools, community schools, Buddhist Monastery .

Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy

Physiotherapy occupational therapy program for those practising or aspiring to practice physiotherapy/ medicine, this internship .

Medical Care

Medical care volunteering programs are suitable for medical students or qualified healthcare professionals working in .

Construction and Renovation

Construction and Renovation work for building and construction projects and use all your practical skills .

Teaching English Volunteer

Teaching English volunteer program empowers volunteers to gain teaching experience in public and private schools .

Special Needs Care

Special Needs Care programs allow volunteers to contribute to specialist daycare centres for children with .

Child Development Volunteer

Child Development Volunteer in Nepal through you could contribute your time and passion in making .

Women Empowerment Volunteer

Women Empowerment Volunteer program in Nepal, for all those passionate people who are enthusiastic to .

Family Volunteering

Are you seeing to make lasting memories on a family volunteering vacation? Family volunteering in .

Group Volunteering

Group volunteering in Nepal is an excellent chance for teams to create a valuable social .

Elderly Care

Elderly Care programs give you the opportunity to illuminate the lives of local elderly people .

Arts and Music Volunteer

Arts and Music volunteer opportunities that enable individuals to share their creative passions with communities, .

Summer Volunteer Program

Summer Volunteer Program in Nepal with Volunteer Society Nepal and spend amazing weeks in this .

Center for Children with Disabilities

The Center for Children with Disabilities is located in Kathmandu and has around 20 children .

Retreat Meditation and Teaching in Monastery

Retreat Meditation and Teaching in Monastery volunteering programs are mindful vacations that improve your spiritual, .

Corporate Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer World Nepal offers a wide variety of corporate volunteer abroad projects for corporate groups .

High School Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer World Nepal has a wide range of incredible and reasonable high school volunteer abroad .

Gap Year Volunteering Abroad

Gap year volunteering abroad is a highly rewarding experience, offering you the opportunity to join .

Teaching English to Monks

Teaching English to monks is an excellent opportunity for volunteers who are interested in Buddhism .

Teaching English to Buddhist Monks

Teaching English to Buddhist Monks in Nepal is a wonderful opportunity. Teaching English to Buddhist .

Creative Arts and Child Development

The creative arts and child development project is based in schools, homes and disability centres. .

Teacher Training Volunteer

Volunteering as a teacher training volunteer is a unique and rewarding experience that can have .