Volunteering with Tour or Trek

Volunteering with tour or trek journey in Nepal offers a unique opportunity to contribute to local communities while immersing yourself in the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture of this Himalayan nation. One enriching way to blend volunteering with exploration is by incorporating a tour or trek into your itinerary.

Volunteer World Nepal often focus on education, healthcare, or community development. Imagine spending your days teaching English to eager students or monks in a remote village or assisting in a local health clinic, contributing to the well-being of underserved communities. Volunteering with tour or trek journey in Nepal is an immersive experience that allows you to develop genuine connections with the locals and gain insights into their way of life.

Combining volunteering with tour or trek in Nepal promises a transformative journey. It allows individuals to contribute meaningfully to communities in need while exploring the unmatched beauty and cultural richness of this Himalayan nation. This fusion of service and adventure creates memories that linger long after the journey ends, making it an unparalleled experience for those seeking both purpose and exploration.

We extend an invitation to you to experience real Nepal through participation in Volunteer World Nepal‘s volunteering with tour or trek in Nepal program. Words are often insufficient to express the beauty and allure of the geographical and cultural landscape, as well as the warmth and generosity of the Nepali people. It is a feeling that can only be experienced firsthand, through one’s vision and heart.

Key Information

Improve infrastructure for the community
Various locations in Nepal
Homestay accommodation
Based in schools across Nepal
Up to 4 - 5 hours volunteers a day
Fully hosted experience from 200 USD for 1 week
Base Camp treks and other tours available
Durations from 1 - 4 weeks

Read reviews of our optimistic volunteers.

"It had begun, one of the greatest events of my life. I will never forget how apprehensive we were when we first arrived at our new host family, but we felt right at home when they welcomed us with such warmth and love. We had the greatest meals, the most tender support, and a ton of laughing throughout those orientation days. Although we were not..."