Volunteer World Nepal

Available Programs

Teaching Internship in Nepal

Volunteer World Nepal's teaching internship in Nepal program could get involved in teaching activities that .

Medical Internship in Nepal

Volunteer Wold Nepal's medical internship in Nepal is open to all ages and ideal for .

Pre-Medical Internship in Nepal

The pre-medical internship in Nepal program provides students with three main opportunities: to help those .

Content Writing and Digital Marketing

Content writing and digital marketing internship program offers possibilities in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, .

Nursing Internship in Nepal

Volunteer World Nepal's nursing internship in Nepal program is the perfect opportunity for everyone who .

Sports and Physical Education

Volunteer World Nepal offers an exciting sports and physical education internship in Nepal program in .

Public Health Internship

Volunteer World Nepal has been offering an exhilarating public health internship and volunteer opportunities available .

Physiotherapy Internship in Nepal

Volunteer World Nepal offers physiotherapy internship in Nepal placements for all levels of experience, so .

Read reviews of our optimistic volunteers.

"It had begun, one of the greatest events of my life. I will never forget how apprehensive we were when we first arrived at our new host family, but we felt right at home when they welcomed us with such warmth and love. We had the greatest meals, the most tender support, and a ton of laughing throughout those orientation days. Although we were not..."