nursing internship in nepal volunteer work in nepali hospitals

Volunteer World Nepal offers volunteer work in nepali hospitals or medical volunteering abroad opportunities which .

health care volunteer

Van den Berg from the Netherlands has successfully done a health care volunteer camp at .

pokhara chitwan tour and volunteering work our summer program

Nepal, the land of splendid nature and rich culture is waiting for your exploration through .

teaching to monks in a monastery

Volunteer World Nepal has been the perfect organization to sign up with for teaching to .

teaching english in buddhist monastery

Teaching English in Buddhist monastery is an awesome chance for volunteers who are interested in Buddhism .

a real lover of nepal

Dr Carmen Arias Bordajandi is a real lover of Nepal. She is a medical doctor .

encounter with the buddhist religion teaching english to monks

Volunteering in a monastery is a great way to experience Nepal. Nepal is a centre .

holi festival in nepal

Holi festival (Fagu Purnima) is a popular ancient Hindu festival, also known as the Festival .

gap year volunteering abroad in nepal

Volunteer World Nepal has been offering gap year volunteering abroad in Nepal a remarkable and .

educating women is empowering women corporate volunteer abroad

Another facet of the activities of Volunteer World Nepal is playing a facilitating role in .

nepali survival class to ozlem

Despite a big threat of Omicron, the newest variant of Corona virus, people are going .

teaching in buddhist monastery

The whole world has been experiencing Covid 19 pandemics since 2019. We, the entire population .

Pre-medical internship work in Nepal

Even amidst the enormous fulmination and risk of the Corona Virus since December 2019, Volunteer World .

teaching in buddhist monastery retreat meditation and teaching in monastery teaching english to buddhist monks

The teaching volunteer in the monastery is a unique program of Volunteer World Nepal. The .

tihar festival in nepal

Tihar festival in Nepal is the second biggest festival of the Hindu Communities after the .